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Bad wiring can be a potential problem uncovered in a home inspection.

Full-service Inspections

When you are about to close on a home and need a comprehensive home inspection service in Weatherford, TX, know you can rely on CKA Home Inspections LLC for an honest, complete assessment of your home’s condition. We are a fully insured, licensed home inspection service that covers all of North Texas, including Weatherford, TX. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, we provide a complete package of services. To schedule an appointment give us a call today at (817) 437-2397.

Our Services

From the start, when you choose CKA Home Inspections LLC, you’ll get a complete, thorough assessment of your home’s condition. Our home inspection service in Weatherford, TX, includes attic and crawl space inspections, as well as pool and termite inspections. We strive for a 24-hour turnaround time on our inspections so you can take care of any problems before closing the sale. Services include a detailed inspection report, along with photos of trouble spots to aid you in your decisions.

Along with providing top-notch home inspections, we also provide comprehensive commercial building inspections in Weatherford, TX. These inspections include a thorough examination of the building’s structure, its wiring and HVAC systems, roof condition, conveyances such as elevators, and much more. We keep a close eye out for defects and damages, and make sure the building is well maintained.

In addition, we also provide pre-listing inspections in Weatherford, TX, for sellers wanting to catch any problems with their home or commercial property before putting it on the market. These reports allow sellers to repair any damages that may otherwise surprise buyers and affect the transaction. You can also gain insights that can help you with pricing with a pre-listing inspection.

No matter what kind of inspection we perform, all of our inspections are conducted with honesty and integrity. We work with our clients throughout the inspection process, answering all questions you may have before, during and after the inspection.

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When you need a reliable and complete home inspection service in Weatherford, TX, call on the experienced professionals at CKA Home Inspections LLC. Call us today at (817) 437-2397 to schedule an appointment.