Home Inspection Service for Interior of Home

Quality Home Inspection Service in Arlington, TX

While home inspection services are usually done as part of a real estate transaction, they can be performed anytime. Home inspection services are valuable because they determine the present condition of the home’s major systems. A visible analysis of accessible features helps to understand the working performance of the home or business. For such services, it’s important to contact the right inspectors. For a home inspection service in Arlington, TX, please call our team at (817) 437-2397.

Our 11-Month Warranty Inspections

These inspections are often called an 11 month or 1-year warranty inspection. This service is offered after the purchase of a new home near the end of their first-year builder warranty period. These inspections primarily identify any problems that may be covered under the builder’s warranty. An 11-month warranty inspection is a very effective and efficient way to identify repairs or deficiencies in the mechanical, structural and installed appliances in a home. For your 11-month warranty inspection, you will need a qualified and skilled inspector. Choose CKA Home Inspections LLC for this service.

Plumbing Inspection Included in Home Inspection Service

Crawl Space Inspections, Attic Inspections, and More

If you own property or are looking to purchase a new property, it is important to become aware of the kinds of inspections available. This will help you navigate the buying and selling process more smoothly. Crawl space inspections are a wise way to identify potential problems with your home before they blossom into larger issues. Ranging from a foundation inspection to proper analysis of your plumbing, a crawl space inspection will help you understand what is positive and negative about a property. An inspector will be on the lookout for these red flags:

  • Termites.
  • Moisture damage resulting from damp insulation, condensation, and cracked materials.
  • Mold and mildew.
  • Poor floor framing.
  • Improper ventilation.
  • Vapor barriers.
  • The presence of animals or vermin.

Furthermore, attic inspections are available for determining if roofing or ceiling problems are apparent or inevitable. To schedule your inspection, please give us a call at (817) 437-2397.

  • 11 Month Warranty Inspection Please allow us to help you protect your home warranty with an inspection guaranteed to last eleven months.
  • Termite Inspections Termites can cause a lot of damage. If you think you have termites in your home, call us today to receive a termite inspection.
  • Attic Inspection Our attic inspection service is valuable for determining any level of damage in your upper living spaces.
  • Residential Home Inspections We perform residential home inspections for times when you need to put your home on the market, or you are investigating a property.
  • Commercial Building Inspections Selling or buying a property? Consult us for your commercial building inspection.
  • Crawl Space Inspection We can perform an inspection to determine the condition of your plumbing, foundation and wiring.
  • Pre-Listing Inspections Before you list your home or property, please give us a call for your pre-listing inspection.
  • Pool Inspection Service Do you need a pool inspection? If so, contact the professionals at CKA Home Inspections.

If you’d like to learn more about our inspection services, call (817) 437-2397 to speak with one of our licensed plumbers about your home inspection service in Arlington, TX!