Home Inspection Service for Sprawling Residential Home

When You Need Home Inspection Service in Grand Prairie, TX Call CKA Home Inspections LLC

A new home purchase is one of the most important personal and financial decisions a person can make. Investing in a home inspection gives prospective buyers critical support in understanding the condition of their future home systems. Indeed, a good home inspection service will help buyers avoid the costly mistake of purchasing a home that has a significant home system failure. For instance, if the plumbing needs to be restored, the cost of repiping could cost many thousands of dollars. Being aware of the condition of the home is critical with regard to moving forward with any real estate decisions. For your home inspection service in Grand Prairie, TX, please give our team a call at (817) 437-2397.

  • 11 Month Warranty Inspection Please allow us to help you protect your home warranty with an inspection guaranteed to last eleven months.
  • Termite Inspections Termites can cause a lot of damage. If you think you have termites in your home, call us today to receive a termite inspection.
  • Attic Inspection Our attic inspection service is valuable for determining any level of damage in your upper living spaces.
  • Residential Home Inspections We perform residential home inspections for times when you need to put your home on the market, or you are investigating a property.
  • Commercial Building Inspections Selling or buying a property? Consult us for your commercial building inspection.
  • Crawl Space Inspection We can perform an inspection to determine the condition of your plumbing, foundation and wiring.
  • Pre-Listing Inspections Before you list your home or property, please give us a call for your pre-listing inspection.
  • Pool Inspection Service Do you need a pool inspection? If so, contact the professionals at CKA Home Inspections.

Pool Inspections for Your Home

Pools provide comfort, relaxation, and exercise. Whenever a home needs to be sold, either because the homeowners are upgrading, downgrading, or simply moving elsewhere, all the important systems of a home will need to be vetted. This is especially true when considering the condition of a pool. Pools are a large investment and carry a lot of responsibilities. Regular pool cleaning and maintenance can help elongate a pool’s life. Furthermore, a pool inspection by CKA Home Inspections LLC will help determine what other repairs are necessary. For pool inspections and attic and crawl space inspections, select a local company that supports you like CKA Home Inspections LLC.

Home Inspection Service for Home Being Built

Our Quality 11 Month Warranty Inspection

Are you in the process of purchasing a newly built home? If so, please read on. New homes come with a one-year warranty that is provided by the builder. This warranty covers defects in the workmanship or in the materials. Our 11-month warranty inspection gives homeowners the opportunity to make a categorized list of repairs for any building defects that are apparent. This inspection can help provide some much-needed repairs which may not have appeared when the home was originally purchased but laid latent. To schedule your home service inspection during this critical period, do not wait. Please call us now at (817) 437-2397 to set up your appointment today.

Do you have a home inspection service on your agenda? Our friendly staff at CKA Home Inspections LLC are ready to take your phone call at (817) 437-2397. Receive a quality home inspection service in Grand Prairie, TX!