Home Inspection Service in Cleburne, TX

We provide inspections of newly constructed homes.

Full-service Inspections

Before closing on your new home, you’ll need a home inspection in Cleburne, TX. With more than 20 years of experience, CKA Home Inspections LLC offers the most comprehensive home inspection service in Cleburne, TX. In addition, we provide commercial building inspections and pre-listing inspections. If you need a residential or commercial inspection in Cleburne, TX, then schedule us by calling (817) 437-2397.

Our Services

When you choose CKA Home Inspections LLC as a home inspection service in Cleburne, TX, you can rely on getting a complete and detailed report that covers all problems with the home. In addition we provide digital photos that highlight areas of concern. We will answer all of your questions during the inspection and follow up with you over-the-phone once the inspection is completed. We strive to get the report back to you within 24 hours. Impeccable customer service is always our aim.

With all of our home inspections in Cleburne, TX, we make a thorough check of the attic, as well as delve into the crawl space. Additionally, we make a thorough investigation for signs of pests, especially termites. If your new home has a pool, we will inspect the pool. Many of these services like pool inspections are also available separately.

Along with home inspections, we provide commercial building inspections in Cleburne, TX. If you are investing in a commercial property, you’ll want to know if any design flaws exist, or whether or not it is structurally sound and code compliant. Other areas of concern include conveyances like elevators as well as the integrity of the roof.

For those selling homes or commercial properties, if you want a reliable detailed report of any problem areas before your put the property on the market, we offer pre-listing inspections in Cleburne, TX. With this report in hand, you can tend to any repairs or other issues before any buyer ever sees the property, and make informed decisions on pricing.

Call For An Appointment

When we provide our home inspection service in Cleburne, TX, we work conveniently work around your schedule. To schedule an appointment with us call us at (817) 437-2397.