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attic inspection

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As part of our full-service residential home inspections, we make sure to inspect your attic. It’s essential to inspect the attic to ensure there are no flaws in the framework and the roof of the home you are buying is in good shape. With 20 years of combined experience in construction and customer service, you know you can count on us for reliable, detailed inspections. For full-service home inspections that include attic inspections in Fort Worth, TX and surrounding cities, give us a call at (817) 437-2405 to schedule an appointment.

Thorough investigation

As a home buyer you want to know everything about the investment you are about to make. As one of the last steps in the buying process you’ll need to have a home inspection, one that includes an attic inspection. Family-owned CKA Home Inspections LLC is the licensed, fully insured home inspection service providing complete home inspections that include attic inspections in Fort Worth, TX.

When we inspect your attic, we are looking for any flaws that might present themselves in the roof’s framework. We are especially attentive to problems like leaks or structural weaknesses like cracks in rafters. We also note areas that cannot be readily accessed or have limited access. For your attic inspection in Fort Worth, TX we cover five main areas: insulation, framing, ventilation, and any indication of the presence of pests.

Attics are especially good places to examine the quality of your home’s insulation. In turn, insulation will affect your home’s energy efficiency. If the insulation is of a poor quality, it’s recommended that it’s improved before buying the home.

Ventilation is especially important, not only for energy efficiency, but to avoid moisture build up that can lead to problems like mold growth. Any signs of pests such as droppings or chewed wiring should warrant a visit from pest control to protect your household’s health and safety.

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For the most thorough home inspections, including attic inspections, in Fort Worth, TX and surrounding areas, you can rely on CKA Home Inspections LLC. Call us today at (817) 437-2405 to schedule an appointment.

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