Commercial Building Inspection

commercial building inspection

Honest, Thorough Inspections

When you’re looking to invest in a commercial property, you’ll want to know what condition that property is in so you’ll have a better idea of the property’s value, and any problems that the property may have. Much like a home inspection, a commercial building inspection provides investors with a thorough detailed report of the property’s condition. Inspections note any defects and repairs needed. At CKA Home Inspections LLC, we take pride in putting our customers first. That’s why we provide a thorough inspection, completed with integrity and honesty. When you need a commercial building inspection in Fort Worth, TX or surrounding cities, we are the team trust. To schedule an appointment today call us at (817) 437-2405.

Attention to Detail

Before you close a deal on a commercial building, you want to get the property inspected thoroughly to make sure all problems are pointed out. When you rely on CKA Home Inspections LLC for a commercial building inspection in Fort Worth, TX, you’ll find we value paying attention to details with our comprehensive visual inspections.

When we perform a commercial building inspection in Fort Worth, TX and surrounding cities, we are checking on multiple areas of the building, including:

Structural Stability: Depending on the age of the building, certain parts of the building’s structure and foundation need to be inspected for their integrity to ensure they are not a concern now or has the potential to be one in the near future.

Roof Quality: The roof is an expensive and important aspect of the building’s structure. Any issues with age, wear and tear, or storm damage could be costly so it’s important to know about it up front.

Grading and Paving: The entire property should be taken into consideration when having an inspection done. We will review the condition and quality of the grading, pathways, parking areas, and more.

HVAC, Plumbing, and Electric: These systems are extremely important to prevent interruptions to the day-to-day workflow. Our professional inspectors will thoroughly check each system to ensure they are well maintained and in good working order.

With our commercial building inspection we want to find out if there are flaws in the design, if the building’s been well maintained or any repairs need to be made to any of the systems or equipment.

Once completed, we give our clients detailed reports of our findings describing any major defects, outlining concerns, and listing immediate repairs.

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If you are investing in a commercial building, make sure you rely on CKA Home Inspections LLC for a thorough, honest evaluation from our commercial building inspection in Fort Worth, TX. Schedule an appointment today by calling (817) 437-2405.