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We Offer Commercial & Residential Inspections

As cities like Southlake, TX grow with more people moving into the community, more home buyers are closing on homes and will need a home inspection before they sign the final papers. With CKA Home Inspections you can rely on a comprehensive detailed job when you require a home inspection service in Southlake, TX. Expect to have well-rounded inspections that will take a look into you crawl spaces, attics, pools, and also looking for pests like termites. We offer a large variety of inspections including commercial building inspections that are as comprehensive as our home inspections with our trained team. You may anticipate having structural examinations, scanning for ADA compliance, observing conveyances like elevators, and checking for structural integrity with our commercial building inspections in Southlake, TX. To get set up with an appointment make sure to give us a call at (817) 437-2405.

Person Hand With Magnifying Glass Over Luxury HouseExpect a Thorough Job With Our Team

With our home inspection service, we strive to provide our clients top-quality inspections. We make sure to answer all of your questions during the inspection, and give you a follow-up call afterward to clarify any concerns you may have. What’s more, we make it our business to promptly prepare a detailed, understandable report, along with digital photos that highlight problem areas so you can attend to them. Rest assured our inspections are conducted with honesty and integrity as a licensed, fully insured agency. When it comes to commercial building and home inspection service in Southlake, TX we conveniently work around your schedule. To get started with our team of professionals give CKA Home Inspections a call at (817) 437-2405.