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They offered me several available days and times allowing me and my realtor to chose the one that suited us both.

Linda M.

Chris did a pre sale inspection on my property and was fantastic! He let us know all the things we needed to fix/repair in order to get our house on the market. Chris is very knowledgeabe, helpful and personable. He showed us how to save money by fixing the small things ourselves instead of waiting for the sale inspection and then paying a professional way more money to fix. I will definately hire him again.

Nanette D.

5 stars

4.5 stars

a homeowner
Springtown, TX

I went through it with him. He checked everything and was very thorough. I just wish his report stressed the problems with the house and showed how serious some of them were. He could have been more aggressive, but I would recommend him.

Chris was so nice and happily answered all my questions I had, which was a lot! He was very thorough in the pre purchase inspection of my home. I received my report only hours after he inspected the home, the report was very helpful and in simple terms where we knew exactly what needed to be fixed. I will use CKA Home Inspections next time I need an inspection and refer my family and friends.

5 stars

They were really thorough and did a great job. They were not in a rush and very efficient.

Rhonda B.

Chris is extremely professional. Honest. And would def recommend for anyone looking for a quality home inspector.

Andrew G.

Very professional and timely.

Courtney G.

Very professional

a homeowner

We hired CKA Home Inspections who provided a thorough and quality inspection and evaluation of our home. Chris Amador was on time, very professional and explained upfront the steps he would be taking. Mr. Amador provided a detailed report of the overall condition of the home. He also, provided pictures of said findings and made sound suggestions regarding areas that needed immediate and future attention. We highly recommend CKA Home Inspections LLC. Thank you Chris Amador for a great inspection experience.

Rusty A.

I think I called Chris the night before our contract was accepted. He gave me the best quote and sounded professional. Sure enough after we got the thumbs up for the contract I called him back and he was out there two days later. He arrived before I did and was already checking out the property. I have never seen anybody be so thorough during a home inspections. He took his time, was approachable and answered any question I had no matter how silly they may seemed. I felt like I knew more about my home afterward. He checked every outlet individually, crawled into every space, and checked out every nook and cranny. He inspected the septic system and made sure every pipe and faucet was working not to mention if every burner on the stove was heating properly. He inspected the roof and every door etc. I received a detailed report only a short while after and was able to pass that on to my realtor and my mortgage broker. Best place I have had the pleasure of dealing with.

Jennifer C.

On time and very detailed. Fair pricing and overall a great guy.

These guys did a fantastic job. They came out in bad weather, on a holiday weekend to help me get this done quick. Customer service was top notch.

Jason G.

Chris was very professional and courteous. He is very efficient; in that he completed the job, report and all the same day! He also rook the time to go over the report with me and answered each of my one million questions! I will definitely recommend to everyone.

Monique J.

On time, low key, courteous and professional

a homeowner

5 stars

Chris was great and flexible to work with. He went above and beyond to get what needed inspected. He supressgested to have a roofer inspect the roof.

He was very thorough and the report was well prepared. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone looking for an home inspection.

Pauline M.

5 stars

James D.

Chris worked on his day off over the weekend to help us get our house inspection done quickly. He was very thorough and helped with my extra questions after the job was complete. He had an extremely fast turnaround with his report. I am very inpressed with this company.

Raven S.